Scrapbook Started

Last night after teaching a learn-to-knit class at JoAnn’s, I joined some women at a neighborhood church for their craft night. It appears that their main focus is scrapbooks and maybe to a lesser extent card making. At any rate, they were instrumental in starting me down the scrapbooking trail.

With the help of two of the ladies, I managed to complete three pages for my scrapbook. I learned that the Archival Mist spray necessary for using newspaper clippings STINKS! It kind of smelled like dead fish. Fortunately, it dries quickly. Given the fact that I’m making a book of newspaper columns instead of photographs, my pages look pretty simple compared to most scrapbookers’ work. However, thanks to these women, the topic has been de-mystified for me and I think I’ll be pleased with my completed book.

I didn’t realize I need a cover or title page for this scrapbook. So I’m looking for suggestions on what to call this book. Do you have any suggestions? Keep in mind, the contents of the book are the newspaper columns and magazine articles I’ve written during the last several years. The columns ran under an Opinion Shaper headline so I’ve thought of Charlotte’s Opinions, Thoughts from Charlotte or some variation of that. But none of the titles I’ve come up with really grab me. Leave a comment with your suggestions, please.

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1 Response to Scrapbook Started

  1. Susie says:

    Archives. That’s what this scrapbook is, so it seems appropriate to me. Good luck with this big project. With all the items and articles you’ve had published, I hope you are planning to buy lots of scrapbooks!

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