Let There Be Light

We’ve had a series of dark, overcast and rainy days recently. This has made using my computer a real struggle on my aging eyes. It’s complicated because I have a large typing job to do for one of my clients (Yea! After a summer of no work from him.) A big problem is that he sends me the stuff handwritten in pencil. Deciphering his handwritting can be a challenge at times and the fact that it’s in pencil doesn’t help.

I’ve been being a good environmental citizen and switched almost all my lamps to the little curly fluorescent bulbs. The lamp by my computer had one which is supposed to be the equivalent of a 60 watt bulb. But, frankly, that little curl doesn’t give off that much light.

So the other night it occurred to me to switch out the bulb. I put an incandescent 60 watt bulb in the lamp and — Whoa! Nelly! — I’ve got plenty of light to see what I want to type. The curly bulb is sitting here waiting for me to finish up this job so I can go back to saving electricity but I know, now, that if I want to see while I’m at the computer this winter, I need to use the incandescent bulb.

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1 Response to Let There Be Light

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Another thing you might try, if the handwriting is faint: get a piece of yellow-tinted clear plastic (like a report cover) and put it over the paper you are reading. I did that back in grad school when working with some old data sheets from a previous researcher where the writing was kind of faint and messy. (It helps with the contrast, not so much with the messiness.)

    I gave in and kept a “real” lightbulb in my bedside lamp because I find the fluorescent ones kind of harsh to read by. I’m willing to pay the few extra pennies it costs to run it for a half hour or so each night.

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