Ladies Retreat Weekend

This weekend has been the annual Ladies Retreat from church. Friday night was a time of fellowship, mostly. There were snacks and table games if you wanted to play them. A masseuse brought her chair and for an additional fee, you could have a neck/back massage. I was given one as a gift from one of the ladies and let me tell you, that masseuse found sore spots I wasn’t aware of!

While all of this was going on, there were four “classes” if you wanted to participate in them. The first was on hairdos. The women in my church all have long hair and sometimes it’s nice to learn a different way of putting it up. Most of the ones demonstrated were of the sleek kind ending in what the young lady demonstrating them called a hairbow knot. Her class was followed by one on couponing. The woman who taught this class really encouraged us to get involved in this “hobby.” The amounts of money she saves as a result of it sure are impressive. It requires you to be organized and perhaps change the way you shop in order to maximize your savings.

The couponing class was followed by a demonstration on digital scrapbooks. I found the title to be slightly misleading because it focussed more on making photo books using Snapfish or a similar company. But the sample books the teacher had were impressive and would make good gifts for grandmothers, etc. Her three-year-old daughter loves to look at the book of her baby pictures.

The final class was on decorating using thrift store items. The young woman who led this session was one crafty young woman! She used blackboard paint on some oval platters to make a display you could put on a buffet to list the items being served. She demonstrated masking off stripes on a clear vase and then spray painting it to give it a new look. Then the tape was removed, you had clear stripes in the painted vase. She made wall flowers from newspaper. One of her friends had made a wall hanging from an old window frame. She left the paint worn and stripped and put family photos in it backed by matte board taped in place. But probably the best of all was her story of getting some wicker/bamboo chairs from her neighbor’s trash. She painted them and — viola! — she had “new” furniture for her patio.

This morning began with breakfast and then we had two sessions with a guest speaker. I’ve heard Nancy Norris speak in the past but I had trouble following her today. The first session dealt with things like how to be a comfort to others and included the things you should and shouldn’t say. The second session covered personality types. She described them as animals and had puppets to illustrate each one.

The afternoon was free choice. You could grab some friends and go to lunch, you could go shopping (there’s a mall nearby), you could come back to the church and work on craft projects or play games.

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