Summer’s Over

Since yesterday was Labor Day, summer is over. I’ve put away my white shoes and will be switching to a fall purse later today or tomorrow.

Last Thursday the temperature was 104. Sunday it was much cooler and misty with rain. That led to cool, temperate days this week. It’s like someone turned a switch on Sunday and said … “No more summer.” I must admit these cooler days are much appreciated after a summer that is rated to be the fourth hottest since the weather folk started keeping statistics.

I don’t know that the heat had anything to do with it but I was without Internet access over the weekend. My computer is on a separate phone line and I could not get a dial tone. The repairman came yesterday to check things out and determined there was a bad card in the nearby control box. He replaced that and I was once again able to get back on line.

The funny thing was I went to the library on Saturday to use their computers. I had had to recently change my password for my blog and I couldn’t remember it! So I read email and a few of my blogs, checked out a stack of books to read over the holiday weekend and came home.

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