How Not To Perfume Your Home

Lots of folks use various methods to scent their homes. They burn candles or at least have them sitting around. They use those stick-looking things which sit in a tiny bottle of perfume. They buy various air fresheners from the store in all kinds of scents. You can get sprays or gell beads or vaporizer type things. All of them are intended to give your home a pleasant odor. I’m here to tell you how not to do that.

Monday is my meatless day. I was at Aldi’s picking up a few groceries. There in the frozen food cabinet was a new-to-me entree. I’m not sure exactly what it is called but it looks like a lasagna noodle wrapped around a ricotta filling. That looked like a yummy meatless dinner, especially when sauced with pasta sauce and paired with a tossed salad and garlic bread.

So back home I set about fixing my dinner. I read the directions and was a little surprised that the cooking time in a microwave was listed as nine minutes. That seem a little excessive.  I didn’t bother to sauce the paper plate I plopped two of the noodles on before I stuck it in the microwave. I set the timer for nine minutes. After a while, I noticed smoke pouring from the microwave. I quickly hit the stop button and opened the door. Billows of smoke poured out.

The noodles looked like lumps of charcoal. The paper plate was toasty brown and looked like it wouldn’t be long before it burst into flames. The odor was far from delicious; in fact, you could say it was a stink.

So I’ve been working on trying to get that smokey burnt smell out of my house because of course it went all though the house. I’ve used the Febreeze spray; I’ve set out a dish of vinegar to absorb it; I’ve run the exhaust fan; I wiped out the microwave. The smell is getting fainter but it still is not one you would want to perfume the air around you.

Maybe I should bake some brownies and let the smells battle it out.

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