Farewell To A Friend

Today I paid my farewell visit to Borders. This bookstore and its employees have been a good friend to me. I’m not sure how much longer the “going out of business sale” will continue but I won’t be going back.

I was in hopes of finding some books for Christmas presents. However, I didn’t see any that I thought my family would enjoy. I did get several for myself though.

When I checked out, the clerk who waited on me was so friendly. She was pleased to see a familiar face. She had managed the cafe and got to know me a bit because of the knit group meeting there every week. I was glad to learn that she has a job lined up to manage a Starbucks coffeeshop.

That’s the hard part of a store closing, especially if the employees have been friends. Saying good-by to them and hoping that they find another job quickly. She was about the only one left that I recognized. She told me the one bridge group which met there has moved down the street to the Barnes & Noble and that one of the young men had gotten a job in their cafe.

So, farewell Borders. I wish we could have continued our relationship.

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