I Need A Job

This morning I went to the eye doctor for my annual exam. Turned out I need a prescription change in one eye and the cataract in that eye has had some growth but not to the extent it needs to be removed yet. Thankfully, there’s no evidence of eye damage due to the diabetes.

I thought that perhaps I’d get a bargain … just one lens replaced in my glasses. Alas, this was not to be. They no longer can put new lenses in your current frames. You must buy an entire new pair of glasses.

Since I have three pair — regular, computer, and sun — this can get expensive real quick. Given that I just bought my current glasses last year, I’m already expecting that my other eye will need a prescription change next year with the resultant purchase of three more pair of glasses.

Today I just ordered new regular and computer glasses. Depending on how they work out, I’ll go back and order new sunglasses later.

My eyes are so tired. The doctor dialated them and it has taken a long time for them to go back to normal. Guess the tiredness is from the strain of trying to focus.

I think I need a job! My little home business has been really impacted by the economy this year. The resulting loss of jobs from my clients means no income. This means paying for the new glasses will be a problem.  Thank goodness for a good credit rating and a doctor who takes credit cards.  So … if you know anyone who needs tape transcription or some other kind of secretarial work I can do from home, I’d appreciate your referring them to me.

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2 Responses to I Need A Job

  1. R. A. Montalvo Jr. says:

    The idea that they cannot put new lenses in old frames is bunk. I do it all the time. Ask for your prescription on paper and go to a different optometrist to “fill” it. You can also ask about AARP discounts, multi-lens discounts, etc. Also,if you are a member of Costco or Sams Club they may fill prescriptions at discount as well.

  2. Mary Ann Powell says:

    Had my eye exam last week, and like you, am thankful there is no diabetic damage. He says my cataract can come out any time I’m ready, but it’s not bothering me so…. Also, the dry eye he mentions every time has never given me any problem, but I do use eye drops twice a day to appease him :-). Fortunately I did not have a prescription change, but I did fill the last one at WalMart – even they were higher than I expected. BTW I am in my 33rd year as an insulin-dependent diabetic and thank God every day that I don’t have anymore problems than I do. My dad had a kidney transplant at age 61 and died a few days after his 62nd birthday. As you may remember, I am 68 now. Good luck with the job hunt!

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