Another Lunch Date

Yesterday was another date with the Women Who Lunch from church. This time we went to a tea room in Chesterfield. I rode with another lady and fortunately the third member in the car read the Google directions to her. We found Miss Imogene’s Tea Room without a problem.

But I was amazed when we passed a trailer park on our way to the tea room. Chesterfield is considered an upscale suburb. I’m surprised they allowed the trailers to be there. I suspect they must have been grandfathered in.

The tea room was in what appeared to me to have been an older building, across the street from some older style small houses. Inside were lots of lovely expensive candles, home decor accessories, a few jackets, fancy teas and coffees, lotions, etc.

The tea room was at one end. We were seated at a long table. The chairs were heavy with thick seat cushions. Most of our group of nine women ordered chicken salad on croissant sandwiches. I had a roasted vegetable wrap.

The sandwiches came with a choice of a small house salad, a carrot salad, or some pretzel chips. I ordered my wrap with the carrot salad. It was the most unusual carrot salad I’ve ever had. The carrots had been grated and were mixed with craisins and toasted almonds. The dressing was a citrus one. It was a change from the heavy mayonnaise used with the more common carrot/raisin salad.

We won’t be having a lunch in September but I wonder where we’ll go in October. I’m sure it will be some place interesting. I’m thinking that driving down that road a little farther might lead to a mini-vacation.

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