Writing A Blog

I don’t quite remember when I started reading blogs. I suspect it came about when I saw blog addresses on posts on the KnitList. At any rate, after reading others’ writing for a while, I decided to write a blog of my own. I thought about whether or not I wanted to write a purely knitting blog (no, don’t have that much to say about knitting), did I want to write every day (no, don’t have that much to say), etc. And thus was born this blog … three posts per week.

I’ve discovered some things as I’ve written this blog. One is that I get very few comments. I’m amazed when I read other blogs and they have comments in the thousands on a particular post. How on earth do they have the time to read all those comments? That’s one thing I do … I read all the comments and respond to them if a response is appropriate.

There’s no way of telling which post of mine will provoke a comment. The stats are rather interesting. I’ve written 549 posts and there have been 252 comments. In addition, the blogging program has protected me from 2,844 spam comments! I don’t read the spam comments; in fact, I don’t even see them. But I must admit I’m kind of curious about them.

Another thing I’ve noticed as I’ve written my blog and read other blogs is there must be some loose organization of bloggers who determine blog topics. For instance, someone somewhere determines that you should have a Ten on Tuesday post. The topic of the list of ten varies but who determines this? Another one which is for knitters is FO Fridays meaning you should post a picture of a finished object — one you finished that week — on Friday. Other blogs have an Eye Candy Friday post which is just a beautiful picture of something. Still other bloggers have a Wordless Wednesday that means they post a beautiful picture.

So here I am, writing a blog on any topic that strikes my fancy, valuing the few comments I get and hoping that I’ve added some enjoyment to another’s life.

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2 Responses to Writing A Blog

  1. Keri says:

    You never can tell what’s going to get responses. Sometimes I post something and am shocked with the attention it does or doesn’t get. But, I always check my “spam.” I find that it often gets confused and marks legitimate comments as spam. In fact almost 90% of my “spam” is not really spam at all.

  2. estherlou says:

    I’m with you. I write for myself and write about whatever strikes my fancy at that particular moment. If I get a comment, that’s cool, but not totally necessary. I’m just enjoying myself and hope you are too!

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