Listening to the Yarn

I’ve always sort of rolled my eyes and thought, “Oh, yeah, right!” when other knitters spoke of listening to their yarn. Then I met a yarn from my stash which has muttered at me. I wanted to make a Multomah scarf/shawlette using it. It dug in its heels, muttered that it would only be that shawlette over it’s dead body.

I started that shawl at least three times. Each time I ripped it out, I lost a few inches of yarn. But I could not knit that shawlette. The yarn decided it would split rather than be knit up in that pattern. So, eventually, I conceded defeat and set it aside.

Then last week at knit group, one of the knitters showed the Citron ( shawlette she was doing … using laceweight yarn. She was knitting on larger needles than I had attempted to use so I thought maybe that was how I could control the splitting. Somehow it doesn’t seem right to use a larger needle with such thin yarn but maybe …

So I’ve started a Citron. It’s taken at least two starts but the yarn is finally settling down and consenting to be knit up into this pattern. The progress is slow because my fingers cramp from using such fine yarn. But I think the yarn has finally said its piece and will knit up nicely now.

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