School Friends Meet For Lunch

A group of eight friends from high school met again today for lunch. We visited Miss Aimie B’s Tea Room. This is in what was Miss Aimie’s family home. I think we were seated in what would have been the parlour.

The food was delicious and the conversation flowed freely. One topic gave me some concern. Some kind of reunion during this, our 50th graduation anniversary year, came up. Oops! This is what I was afraid of when this group first started meeting for lunch.

I chaired the reunion committee for our 30th reunion and there’s no way I want to do that again. I’d really like to avoid being involved this time but I’m afraid there’s not going to be a way I can accomplish that.

Fifty years is a major milestone, I recognize. I think something to mark the occasion would be appropriate. But at this point, I don’t know what that would be, especially if we want to have it during the anniversary year.

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