Knitting Group Move

With the closing of the Borders stores, my knitting group needed to find a new place to meet. One member took the initiative and asked if we’d be welcome at Barnes & Noble. They said yes so for three weeks the group has been meeting there.

Today was the first time I joined them in the new location. I think it will take a little time for me to get used to this site. It’s a beautiful bookstore in a shopping mall which is handy if you have other shopping to do. But the area where we were sitting isn’t as large as what we had at Borders and several members find the chairs to be uncomfortable. Oh, well … we no longer have Borders so we might as well get used to this new location and be thankful they welcome us.

I have had one of the Borders rewards cards for a long time. Next week I’ll buy one of the Barnes & Noble club cards. I didn’t buy a drink today but I’ll explore that next week too. Our “chocoholic” member found a delicious looking cupcake today. We tease her about always getting chocolate cake whenever we eat out. She did report to me prior to today that the group likes the food offerings at B&N better than at Borders. I’m not sure, since I didn’t check it out, but I think B&N has an expanded menu. I overheard a customer asking what the soup was and they might have sandwiches too.

So, the group seems to be settling in well at our new knitting home.

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