Not A Good Idea

This was not one of my better ideas. I don’t recommend you try it. What am I talking about?

I bought a frozen pizza at the store, intending to have it for dinner. Only after I got home did I realize that baking that pizza would involve turning on the oven, something I have no desire to do in our unrelenting heat. So, what to do?

I could stick the pizza in the freezer to wait for a cooler day when the warmth of the oven would be welcome. Did I do that? No. What I did was attempt to bake a pizza in my toaster oven. Bad idea.

Now there may be some toaster ovens who are equal to this challenge. Mine is not. It burned the topping a nice charcoal color and left the crust as limp as wet newspaper.

As I said, this was not one of my better ideas. I probably should have taken the pizza and set it outside on the concrete driveway. That probably would have functioned like a pizza stone. Don’t fear … I’m not going to try that.

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