Being Annoyed

I’m back at the library and I’m annoyed. Not by anything happening at the library but at being stood up by my sister. She was supposed to come over and help me with some small home chores this morning that my arthritic knees prevent me doing. When I called to make sure she was coming, I learned that she can’t make it today because (1) her husband is going to the gym and won’t be home until 3:30, (2) she’s babysitting her grandson and (3) she’d have to be back home by 3:30 so her husband can do something else. Her “help” has now been postponed until Friday.

The obvious question, I suppose, is why can’t she bring the grandson with her. I don’t want to do that because this child totally ignores me and won’t speak to me even when greeted. I have no toys to entertain a small child. He’s of the size that I would need a child seat in the car which I don’t have. So I’m annoyed.

Adding to my annoyance is the fact that I’ve applied for two part-time jobs and have heard nothing from either one.

Oh, well, I’ll get over it. I’d recover faster if it was cooler but the heat continues.

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