Arthritic Knees Send Me to Library

I have arthritis in m;y knees (and elsewhere) and cannot kneel or put weight on them. Usually this doesn’t cause a problem but this week it’s a big problem.

My computer has dial-up Internet service. The phone cord clip has broken and the cord needs to be replaced. I have a new cord. But I can’t plug it into the phone jack because it’s just above the baseboard behind a two-shelf bookcase. I can’t get down to the plug. I attempted it and have nearly destroyed my knees plus making a huge mess. I had to move the bookcase and the things on top of it went flying. I nearly broke a lamp which sits there.

So I’m off to the library to read email, etc., until my sister can come over and plug in the cord for me. I see some of the same faces every time I go to the library. Some people are filling out job applications. Others are like me and doing email. Some are researching things. But the ones which make me wonder about them are playing games. One older lady comes every day, I think, to simply play card games on the computer. The other day the young girl next to me was playing music videos and laughing and having a great time while she did it.

It’s interesting too to notice what people are wearing. I’ve seen more cleavage than I want to during this hot weather. But the best people to watch are the small children who are coming to check out books or attend some activity. It’s gratifying to watch their excitement at the idea they can check out a book.

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