A Disappointing Evening

Monday evening was a disappointment. I decided to go to the Compton Heights Concert Band concert. Because of our extreme heat, they cancelled their Sunday evening program in a park and moved the Monday concert to the bingo hall again.

They packed out that bingo hall. The air conditioning couldn’t quite keep up with the crowd. They ran out of chairs and asked if you had lawn chairs in your car that you bring them in to make sure you had some place to sit. I ended up perched on a table which was most uncomfortable. Finally I spotted an empty chair and snagged it but then I couldn’t see anything because of the people in front of me who also had to sit on the table. I wasn’t able to find a spot in the “main” hall so ended up in the overflow or smoking section of the bingo hall. I’m guessing that was the smoking section because I know they segregate the smokers when they have bingo there. At any rate, I was uncomfortable.

Being in that overflow area, we couldn’t hear everything. The sound technicians eventually got things so we could hear the band but the two featured soloists sounded like so much mush.

One soloist was a local Buddy Holley impersonator and the other one was a local guy doing Elvis Presley. I heard very little of the Buddy Holley guy. I couldn’t understand much of the Elvis singer except when he talked between songs. He amused me when he talked about someone … I couldn’t see who … and said he had been dead longer than she was living.

I left at intermission. I’m sure I would have enjoyed the concert more if it could have been held in the park. However, I applaud the band’s wisdom in moving it to an indoor venue.

That was much better than the 50,000 people who attended a U2 concert in the baseball stadium on Sunday night. Some of that crowd stood in line from 5 a.m. waiting to get in to the general admission section. I’m surprised there weren’t some really sick folks at that event but the stadium and the organizers made plenty of water available, both to drink and to spray on yourself in an effort to cool off. They advised the general admission people to wear closed toe shoes with a good sole because part of the area where they would be standing would be on a metal floor and flip flops just wouldn’t protect their feet.

I don’t know about the rest of the audience at the band concert but I was disappointed in the evening. I did see others who were leaving at intermission too.

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