Hibernation Is A Good Thing

I’ve been hibernating for the last week or ten days due to our excessive heat. I’m so thankful for the person who invented air conditioning and am pleased with the performance of the new system I had installed in December.

What do I mean when I say I’m hibernating? I’m not going outside other than to get the newspaper and mail and only do the necessary errands, meeting attendance, etc. I stay home in the cool air. Looks like I’ll be here for most of next week as well since there is no break forecast in this excessive heat.

And, as you all have heard, it’s not just the heat; it’s the humidity. Given the combination of the two (heat plus humidity) our heat indices are well over 100. So far, there have been two people who have died from the heat. Both were in apartments with malfunctioning air conditioners. If this heat continues as forecast, I think we’ll see more people who succomb.

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