Introduction to Entrelac

This weekend the Knitters’ Guild is sponsoring some workshops with Gwen Bortner. She has a new book out titled Entree to Entrelac and I understand she’s known as the Queen of Entrelac on Ravelry.  It’s a title that is well deserved.

Tonight (Thursday) was a free lecture/reception with Gwen. She sort of walked us through her new book using a presentation Knitters Magazine prepared for her to use at Stitches. Based on her talk, it’s easy to see why she’s called the Queen of Entrelac. She had more designs utilizing this technique than I’ve ever seen anywhere. On top of that, she was an amusing speaker.

The Guild sort of lucked into having her this weekend. She’s teaching at a knit shop in Columbia, MO on Friday and Saturday. To get there from her home in California, she had to fly to St. Louis. So, she flew in today, did our lecture tonight and is going to drive to Columbia tomorrow and then come back to do the Sunday workshops.

On her way to Columbia, she’s going to detour to Hermann, MO, to buy some wine. I’d say that Hermann is the center of the Missouri wine country. Since she’s from California, she said giving someone a gift of California wine is not very impressive. But to give them a gift of Missouri wine impresses them to no end … partly because they’re not aware of the Missouri wine industry.

The evening concluded with Guild members looking at and trying on samples of her garments she had on display. There was a cake and coffee to enjoy as well.

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