A Mini-Vacation On The Farm

This morning I took another mini-vacation. The Ladies Who Lunch paid a visit to a lavender farm. We were served a cup of raspberry lavender white tea and a blueberry-lavender muffin. The owner of the farm gave us a talk about the farm and, more particularly, about lavender.

The farm has had a rough time of it since 2008 because we’ve gotten more rain than lavender really wants. It’s natural home is the Mediterrean area so our humid weather here isn’t the greatest. They’ve lost a lot of plants due to the wet weather. However, they’ve learned that if they use a black weed inhibiting cloth in the lavender fields, the plants do better. The cloth warms the soil and reflects the heat up to the plants in addition to prohibiting the weeds. Their lavender is grown organically so there’s not a lot they can do to overcome the problems they’ve been facing other than pray for a drought.

She pointed out all the many things which the essential oil can be used for. This was interesting, especially the medicinal things. They compound some lotions and creams, etc., which were for sale in the gift shop. As far as I know, no one in our group took advantage of the opportunity to go in the field and cut some lavender but that’s an option.

The owner was very personable and made our visit most enjoyable.

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