I’m Not A Sports Fan

This week has underscored the “I’m not a sports fan” segment of my personality. The first baseman on the local professional baseball team, Albert Pujois, was mentioned multiple times every hour on the radio. The reason? About two weeks ago he broke his wrist in a collision during a game. The “woe to us” reports were awful and I thought insulting to the other players. It appeared that the team wouldn’t be able to play or win a game without Albert.

Well, lo and behold, he came off the DL (disabled list) this week, and is once again playing. No one understands why or how his broken wrist healed so quickly. Originally he was supposed to be out six or eight weeks and here he was back after just two. My take on the whole thing is that it wasn’t a real broken wrist but perhaps a cracked bone in one of the lesser bones in the wrist.

I don’t know. I just know I’m tired of hearing about it.  And the team did manage to win some games while he was out.  I was amused at a short letter to the editor of the paper today. Someone wrote in that if it worked for him, maybe the writer should have Pujois pray for his hip.

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One Response to I’m Not A Sports Fan

  1. Susie says:

    I think one reason the pros get back so quickly is because they receive intensive daily attention to their injuries. The cost of rehab and medical care does not matter–the bottom line is how soon the guy is back out there doing his thing. Also, these athletes are young and in excellent physical conditions. All these factors tend to have them back playing much quicker than any of us mere mortals could hope for if we had similar injuries.

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