Independence Day Thoughts

At my church the weekly Sunday bulletin contains a short devotional. These are written by various members of the congregation. Sometimes they are assigned a topic and sometimes they can choose a topic. I’m one of those writers and was assigned to write about July 4th for tomorrow’s bulletin. Here is what I wrote:

No doubt it was hot that week in Philadelphia when the signers of the Declaration of Independence met to write the document we know as The Declaration of Independence. They did not let the weather prevent them from accomplishing what they had come there to do. I’m sure they knew that by putting their signatures on this precious piece of paper, they were committing themselves to fighting a war with Great Britain. But they could not see the future repercussions of their actions.

They had no way of knowing what the U.S.A. would or could become. They didn’t know the country would one day in the not far-off future stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. They couldn’t envision the wheat fields which would be known as the breadbasket of the nation because of the numerous people they would feed. They had no idea of the vistas to be viewed from the heights of the Rocky Mountains or the gold to be found in California.

The same thing is true when we declare our independence from sin by repenting, being baptized in Jesus’ name, and receiving the Holy Ghost. We might have to fight a war against some old habits and practices. But we, like those early Colonists, can’t see what God has prepared for us. We have many new adventures in faith to explore as our life in Him stretches and grows. There are new heights of worship to attain. There are neighbors and friends who need us to feed them from God’s breadbasket of truth. God has many nuggets of gold, just waiting for us to mine them from his word.

So tomorrow as you celebrate the freedom we enjoy in this country, stop and celebrate the freedom you have in God’s kingdom. God won’t mind if you shoot off a firecracker or two in celebration of your salvation.

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One Response to Independence Day Thoughts

  1. Susie says:

    An excellent commentary!

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