I’m Annoyed

Last night I got an email from a local car dealer that just annoyed me. The message was that they wanted me to celebrate July 4 with them … by buying an oil change or a tire rotation at a sale price!

Excuse me! I don’t think that’s how I want to celebrate the founding of this nation. Why must every holiday be turned into a sales opportunity?

I’m not even a regular customer at this car dealer’s service department. The only time I was ever there was several years ago when I had to take my car to their body shop because of being in an accident. The other driver was judged to be at fault and his insurance company said I had to take my car to this dealer for the necessary repairs.

I suppose I should be pleased that they still have me in their sales records. No doubt, they’re just trying to gain some additional business.

But I’m still annoyed. Would you be?

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