Some Inspiration Needed

For the past several years I have participated in a program with my local weekly newspaper. They invite readers to be one of their Opinionshaper columnists. From however many entries they get, they select 13 people to each write a quarterly column.

It’s time to write my entry for the next selection process. Normally I don’t have too much of a problem doing this. However, this year we’re reminded that we don’t know when our column will appear so it should be one that could be printed at any time. Since I like to tie my column either to events in the county (this is a county paper) or to the calendar, this presents me with a problem. What shall I write about?

I have one idea but I’m not sure I can flesh it out to the 500 word column length. So, I need some inspiration … either other ideas or ways to take my one idea and turn it into a column.

The deadline for submission is July 7 so any inspiration headed my way needs to get here ASAP!

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