Wildlife Buddy Spotted Again

Sunday when I was driving to church, I spotted my little wildlife buddy again. This time he was on the paved shoulder of the state highway, sitting up on his haunches, munching his breakfast from the unmowed vegetation along the highway. He’s definitely reddish-brown, not grey, so maybe he isn’t a groundhog. Without being able to measure him, he appeared to be about a foot high. I think I’m going to have to take my camera with me and hope to snap his picture IF I’m not driving. If he hangs out around that area, surely there will be some time when the traffic will cause me to be stopped when I spot him. Then all I will have to do is figure out how to post a picture so you can help me figure out who/what he is.

I was at the library yesterday and thought I should really look for a book about Missouri mammals. I might be able to identify him that way. But I already had a big stack of books to check out so I’ll have to table that idea until I’ve returned these books.

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1 Response to Wildlife Buddy Spotted Again

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Is the area near water? Could he possibly be a muskrat? (Also, some younger groundhogs are more of a reddish brown than a grayish brown)

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