Here They Come!

Just like the buzzards returning to Hinkley, Ohio, or the swallows finding their way to Capistrano, the fireworks tents are popping up. This is because in the adjoining county fireworks are illegal. However, they are legal in this county. The minute you cross the border, the tents start popping up.

There’s a tent, almost without fail, at every intersection with a side road. There’s one that isn’t at an intersection so you must exit the highway and backtrack a way to get to it. There must be money to be made in selling fireworks since there are so many tents.

They’re not selling the fireworks yet. I saw a sign on one of the tents that it will open on the 20th. That means my neighbors will soon be shooting off fireworks. They’ll continue to do this through July 4 … and a few diehard fans will shoot their last ones during the week following the 4th.

So, I can look forward to a noisy time in the next few weeks. Cicadas singing combined with fireworks … oh, my. Maybe someone should put up a tent and sell earplugs.

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