Wildlife Possibly Identified

Anne suggested in her comment that possibly the animals I saw on Sunday were groundhogs and suggested I go to Google Images to check it out. This I did.

The shape of the animal pictured there is very similar, if not the same, as the animals I saw. The description said they had black nails or claws and were greyish in color. I couldn’t see if these critters had nails and they were reddish brown in color. If they weren’t groundhogs, then they must be a close cousin to them.

Anyone else have an idea?

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1 Response to Wildlife Possibly Identified

  1. Naomi Smith says:

    I’m pretty sure they were groundhogs, although the ones around here are not reddish brown. Several come in the yard here. I can send you a link to my pictures on Facebook, of one of them, if you let me know where to email it.

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