Maybe A Solution To Phone Annoyance

I may have stumbled on a solution to my phone annoyance problems I posted about recently.

When the phone rings, I trot out my best professional secretary voice and ask, “May I tell him/her (depends on who they ask for) who’s calling? They rattle back the name of the organization. I make a note of it on my phone pad. Then I ask for a phone number so Mr. or Mrs. can call them back.

That’s the trick I think. Yesterday the woman said, “This phone is only for outgoing calls so I’ll have to call you back.” I replied that the person she had called wouldn’t talk to her in that event and said good-by.

This morning’s caller rattled off a number which is just a made up series of digits, I think, and hung up!

The final step in the process is to go to the No Call List website and file a complaint. That’s why I want the name and number. So far, I filed two complaints but haven’t had working phone numbers for them. We’ll see if I continue to get these annoying calls.

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