Another Wildlife Sighting

Sunday when I was driving home after morning church services, I made another wildlife sighting. I was exiting an Interstate highway onto a state highway. Given the way that intersection is configured, there is a ramp going straight ahead and one which goes off to the right. Between the two is a sort of island of vegetation and that’s where I spotted the wildlife.

I don’t know what these animals were. They were about the size of a cat and were a sort of rusty brown color. One was busy munching away on the grass. The other one sat up on its haunches and, using its front paws, pulled a taller weed stalk over to sample.

I’m not sure what they were. Their fur looked like it would be soft to touch. Alas, the light changed and I had to move. I’ve never seen animals there before. I’ve no clue where they came from or where they live since this is a fairly busy urban intersection.

Based on my sketchy description, do you have any clue what they could have been?

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One Response to Another Wildlife Sighting

  1. Anne says:

    Try googling images of groundhogs. I’m not sure where you are, but I live in Tennessee and we’ve been seeing them now and then both in town and in the countryside. My parents know farmers in NH who had a single strand of electric fence around their garden, about 3 or 4 inches off the ground, to protect it from groundhogs.

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