A Micro-Mini Vacation

Last night I took a micro-mini vacation. I drove to Festus, a town about 40 miles away, to attend a musical program. It featured a young woman who plays an oboe and also sings. She’s a soprano.

Well, I haven’t been too successful in my attempts to hear live music this week. I missed the band concert on Monday because I couldn’t find a place to park. Then the “live music” at the restaurant where I ate dinner played on the patio and couldn’t be heard inside even though I was sitting next to a window overlooking the patio. Given how hot it was outside, when I left, I just went to my car because I couldn’t bear to think of sitting in the sun on that patio … plus all the seats were taken.

So I wondered about my attempt tonight. The grinches were with me I think. The woman who was to accompany the young woman on the piano got very ill yesterday and spent most of the day in the hospital. The substitute pianist didn’t know all the music she had planned so the program was very abbreviated. But I think he did a superb job on such short notice. It was interesting, too, to hear solo music on an instrument I know very little about. She also “sang” part of a couple of songs. The voice part was mostly ooo or ahhh but she had a nice voice.

After the program was concluded we were invited to a reception in the church basement. Her mother and grandmother had baked cookies and other treats. There was a punch which tasted strongly of grapefruit. I had some “cake” topped by blackberries and blueberries and a dollop of whipped cream.

It was a very nice micro-mini vacation. Driving out “into the country” is a welcome break in my routine. The drive took me through hills covered with green trees.

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