I Did It!

I successfully managed to stretch one tank of gas over two weeks’ worth of driving. I wasn’t sure that was possible. But I managed it.

Of course, that meant staying at home a lot. I learned that I’m not really that big a homebody. I like being able to be out and about. But by limiting my driving to the necessary trips, I was able to save gas (and money).

Another thing which really pleased me was the price I paid for my new tank of gas. I bought it at the station which gives a 5 cent discount for paying cash so I ended up paying $3.449/gallon. I came back by that station a few hours later and saw that they had raised the price to $3.699/gallon. So not only did I manage to stretch the as to cover two weeks’ driving, I managed to time the next filling so I got a “bargain” price!

Now, to see if I can repeat that feat.

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