Phone Is Making Me Very Annoyed

The last several days my phone is annoying me. It rings. I answer. Either no one is there or I get a busy signal or some “mechanical” voice says “Good-by.” Why is this happening?

I use my answering machine to screen the calls when this starts happening. (Just now there was another one of those Good-by calls.) Since I signed up for the No Call list some time ago, I don’t understand how this can be happening … unless these are computer generated calls that just dial “random” numbers until they reach a useable one.

At any rate it is very annoying. I have a phone for my convenience and resent being hassled this way. If these were what I consider legitimate calls, the caller would leave a message so I could call them back.  That doesn’t happen.  If I could figure out who is doing this, I would report them to the No Call folks.

Another thing which is getting on my nerves lately is repeated calls from some diabetes group. I’ve told them I don’t want to talk to them … repeatedly. A few days go by and they call again. One sure tipoff is that the person making the call has an accent. I realize they are probably some immigrant just trying to make a living but I do wish they’d take my name off their call list.

Does this happen to you? How do you handle it?

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1 Response to Phone Is Making Me Very Annoyed

  1. Mary Ann Powell says:

    We have been getting calls like you describe for several months. Our caller ID shows different towns around our state, some out-of-state locations, some 8OO numbers, and some just say “Out of Area”. We don’t answer and no message is left. On occasion, we did answer and no one is there. If you try calling the number back, it is busy or there is buzzing. Anyway you look at it, it is very annoying. We too signed up for the “Do Not Call” registry and are disappointed that this is happening. Someone told us that it is probably computer-generated dialing, but again and again and again and……

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