Lunch at the Blue Owl

The Women Who Lunch group at church had their monthly luncheon today (Saturday). We went to the Blue Owl restaurant in Kimmswick, MO.

Kimmswick is what I’d call a tourist town. It’s small and has a number of small shops as well as the Blue Owl. I think I also saw another cafe and a sweet shop. But the Blue Owl is the place to go.

I’ve eaten there several times and all the food has been tasty. They are known for their mile-high pies. The servings of pie are large slices with merinque or whatever kind of topping that one calls for standing inches above the filling. There were 12 of us in the group today and most of them ordered pie. A couple had blackberry pie. Two ordered Death by Chocolate which I think was a brownie topped by a chocolate cream filling and then whipped cream on top. Two ordered the Hawaiian Coconut Cream pie and one had a slice of German chocolate pie. But I was strong and didn’t order any.

So what else did we eat? Several ordered one of the combos that included soup, a half sandwich, and a small salad. One ordered a quiche. One ordered a bowl of their white chili which she said was very good. One ordered a burger and another ordered a fried steak. I ordered a Cobb salad which I enjoyed even though the blue cheese in it was very salty.

I had expected that the ladies would want to go shopping after we ate. To my surprise, only one lady wanted to do that. The rest of us left. A couple of them had another party to attend. Such popularity!

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