Gasoline Usage

Today I noticed the gasoline prices had gone down to $3.799/gallon.  Add this the 5 cents/gallon discount my station gives for paying cash and you see this is a significant price change since it was $3.999/gallon at the weekend.  So even though I had enough gasoline in the tank to cover the driving I have planned for Wednesday, I stopped on my way home this afternoon (Tuesday) and filled up again. It’s a gamble whether the prices will go down more tomorrow or if they’ll go up. I decided to take advantage of today’s price.

So, was I able to stretch the last tank to cover two weeks driving? No, I only managed to stretch it to cover 11 days which I think is pretty good. Now, I’ll see how I do with this tank.

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1 Response to Gasoline Usage

  1. Susie says:

    We are hearing on local news that this is just the beginning of lower prices for awhile. They are expected to drop 50-55 cents per gallon. They could drop a lot more and not hurt my feelings!

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