Gasoline Prices Affecting Habits

The rising gasoline prices are impacting habits. Usually in my neighborhood the prices go up on either Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s a game to see if you can get to the station and buy it at the lower price. In a day or two they start going down again but never in the same increments as they jumped up. In the past, it was possible to buy a tank of gas and have it last an entire week. Now that I’m paying $50 plus for a tank of gas, I’m trying to stretch it out to 10 days or, even better, two weeks.

How do I do that? Well, I stay home more. Saturday there was a “concert” at the conclusion of the storytelling festival. I’ve attended this several times in the past and it’s always an enjoyable evening. However, it’s held on the grounds of a University which is 30 miles away from my home. So this year I missed it. I had already driven to the Symphony and to the monthly travelogue which used up any “extra” gas I had. In fact, when I stopped on my way home from the travelogue to fill the tank, I only had half a gallon left in the tank!

When I have errands to run, I try to group them so that one trip will take care of all of them and that the route to accomplish them is as short as I can make it. No more quick trips to the store.

Another thing I’m trying is to route myself so that I’m driving on the highway as I do my errands. That way I don’t have to stop at traffic lights or stop signs as much. I’m not sure if this is saving gas or not but I’ll try it for a while longer before I make a decision. I do know that by using my cruise control, I get better gas mileage. So we’ll see on that one.

Do you have any tricks for extending the life of a tank of gas?

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