Radio Frequencies

Do you know anything about radio frequencies? I’m just home from attending the annual Ladies Conference which was held in Springfield, MO. I was rushed getting ready and didn’t get to the library in time to get an audio book(s) for the drive so I was listening to the radio. I had it set on a local FM station.

Now, I know next to nothing about radio frequencies but I do know that when you’re driving, you can drive out of a coverage area for a particular station. That happened to me but I found another compatible station so I was happy. On the way home today, I had something happen which I’ve never experienced.

The station I was listening to was at the same frequency as the NPR station I listen to at home. I was driving along and all of a sudden, I heard a bit of my “home” program instead of the one which had been playing on that same frequency but from a different town. It kind of cut in and out over the “strange” station until I got close enough to home for it to totally block the other station.

Has anyone had that happen? Do you know why it happened? I guess a particular radio station isn’t given an exclusive right to a particular frequency which is what I thought was true.

Another question occurred to me. Do those cell towers you see along the highway have any bearing on the radio frequency of your car radio?

P.S. The conference was good. It was well attended given the price of gasoline. One drawback was one of the guest speakers wasn’t able to come due to illness. I had been looking forward to hearing her, in particular, so I was disappointed she wasn’t able to come.

This morning we had a brunch. The theme for the conference was “Preparing the Bride” (referring to the church as the Bride of Christ) so for part of the entertainment at the brunch, a group of women modeled a line of modest wedding gowns. They had a ball doing it.

While I was in Springfield, I visited Bass Pro Shop.  What a fascinating place that is!  I wish I had had time to walk around more and see all the diaramas and aquariums, etc., they have.  I had lunch in their restaurant.  It was a tasty meal and reasonably priced.  I must keep it in mind for the next time I’m in Springfield.

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One Response to Radio Frequencies

  1. ray says:

    🙂 I like this post.

    Frenquencies are licensed by the FCC for various geographies. Usually they don’t overlap as transmitters can broadcast their signal only so far (based on their wattage). Sometimes though, at night in particular, signals are boosted by atmospheric conditions, so likely that is what happened. Radios also say they are tuned to a specific frequency, but they can be off by a couple of tenths so you’re getting xx.9 instead of xx.7.

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