Another Holiday Tornado

You may remember that we had several tornados in this area on New Year’s Eve. Well, we had another one yesterday on Good Friday. In fact, we may have had more than one. I was blessed, again, that it/they were not by my house.

I did have some heavy rain and wind in the afternoon with accompanying hailstones. I looked out to see how big they were and I’d guess dime size. They melted pretty quickly.

But in the evening we had a tornado which struck at the airport. It tore the roof off one concourse, broke most of the windows and in the words of people who actually saw the damage “left the area looking like a war zone.” The major radio station jumped on sending reporters out to survey the damage in the various areas. One talked to a man who was on an airplane at the airport when the storm hit. They were still at the gate when the wind picked the plane up about 30 feet in the air and moved it laterally over two departure gates. All the airways were destroyed and it was some time before they got a big bus out to the plane so they could get the people off.

Another young woman was on a plane when the storm hit. She had a six-week old baby with her. The baby slept through the entire affair.

We have miracles … one church lost its steeple but the 300 parisheners were able to take shelter in the attached school. No one in the area lost his life in the storms. Five people were taken to the hospital with injuries. They were treated and released.

The airport hopes to be back in service tomorrow at a 70 percent level. That’s dependent upon how quickly the electric company can restore power to them. The runways are fine and the damage to the second terminal isn’t as severe as the main terminal.

While all this was taking place, I was at a concert by the choirs of the Baptist church in Fenton. At the start of the evening, the pastor welcomed us and announced they had a plan because of the weather. We should all note where the exits were. If necessary, we’d go downstairs to the fellowship hall. One of his members told him he should be able to take care of the problem. His response was, “I’m on the preaching committee. I’m not on the weather committee.” Right at the conclusion of the concert, a storm cell moved up a nearby highway and dumped lots of rain. However, I stayed in the church foyer until it let up and then came home.

This will be a Good Friday we won’t soon forget.

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