Connectivity … and Hailstones

I’ve been having connectivity problems which is why this post is late. I have dial-up Internet access. For some reason, unknown to me, it keeps dropping off. I’ll be reading away and the next thing I know, I’m no longer connected to the Net. Don’t have time to write anything, let alone get email answered and blog posts up. So, I’m typing as fast as I can while I’m connected to get this one done.

Complete change of subject … hailstones. We’ve been having some fierce storms which come complete with thunder, lightening, lashings of rain and hailstones. Friday when I was out doing errands, I ran into one of those storms. Fortunately, the hailstones which peppered my car were pea size.

Tuesday night we had some fierce storms. Turns out there were five tornadoes in the area. But none of them were at my house. Hail beat against the windows though. From the sounds, I wondered if the windows would break.

Some areas reported various size descriptions of the hail they got. One said it was softball size. That’s kind of rare since it would be 4.5 inches in diameter. The newspaper Thursday morning had diagrams as well as an article showing how big various sizes — quarter, golf ball, etc. — were. It said that if you cut a hailstone in half, you’d see rings, just like a tree has. These reflect how many times that particular hailstone has traveled up and down in the clouds. It was an interesting article but I still don’t understand why the hailstones travel up … maybe it has something to do with the winds.

More storms are predicted for us through Easter. I hope they don’t damage our Easter bonnets.

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