Where Did They Go?

Yesterday I left the house a little after 4 p.m. to run a few errands. Normally at that time of the day, the highway is crowded, especially traveling west. It’s rush hour — and the traffic is heavy to say the least.

Yesterday I looked in amazement. At least half to two-thirds of the cars were missing. I’ve driven in more traffic in the middle of the day than I did during “rush hour” yesterday. The same thing was true when I drove to Arnold for my before-church fish dinner. Where did all the cars go?

I wondered if the fact that gasoline had jumped to $3.899/gallon had anything to do with the missing cars. I know I’m considering how much gas I’m going to use before I hop behind the wheel and take off these days. I couldn’t come up with any other explanation. There was no ballgame downtown or any other event which would pull traffic from the normal rush hour.

Hmn … I’m left wondering about where those cars went. Got any ideas?

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