Serving as Election Judge

Tuesday was a municipal election. It was anticipated it would be a rather boring long day since, sad to say, not many people come out to vote in an election without party hijinks. Well, that wasn’t exactly the case at the poll where I served as an election judge.

The poll is in an elementary school. We got there at 5 a.m. to set things up. We parked at the rear of the school yard so there would be plenty of room for the voters to park. About 8 a.m. the janitor came and told us we had to move our cars to a lot down the hill and then she proceeded to chain off the lot where we were. Her excuse had something to do with the schoolbuses. One of our supervisors went to talk to the principal because this action effectively closed off the poll, especially to handicapped voters. The principal was not cooperative. In the meantime, some voters took one look at the chain and the long hike up a steep hill and went home rather than vote.

A call was made to the county clerk who came and talked to the principal. Even he wasn’t effective at getting her to unlock the chain until he invoked the name of his college roommate who happens to be the assistant superintendent in her school district. He jokingly told us that he was going to add bolt cutters to his election day supplies in the future. He arranged for a highway patrolman to come and sit in the lower parking lot to ensure that no one put that chain back up.

It’s really a shame that only 202 voters turned out after we went through all that to make it possible for them to vote.

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