The Start of Summer

Spring has been flirting with us. First we have a couple of days of warm weather. Then we get five inches of snow dumped on us with temperatures back in Winter’s territory. But no matter … today is the first day of summer because –It’s opening day for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team or, as the media refer to them, Cardinal Nation.

This first game is a day game which is a good thing because while the forecast rain stayed away, the temperature was only in the 50s. If you went to the game, you needed to have a jacket with you, preferably a red one.  The game was a sellout.

There’s lots of drama to this first game. The Budweiser hitch parades around the field. A bald eagle flew in the stadium (not sure what that was about). Lots of dignitaries were there including the mayor of the city, the supervisor of the county and the governor of the state. No baseball opening day in St. Louis would be complete without the introduction of the team members who have been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  There’s lots of pomp and circumstance with this first game.

So, unofficially, it’s summer … baseball is back.

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