A Sermon They Won’t Soon Forget

My pastor preaches “illustrated sermons” on occasion. Sunday was one of those days.

He was preaching about the baptism of the Holy Ghost and the need to be immersed in the Spirit. He chose to illustrate it using water baptism for the example. He got one of the teen-age guys to be baptised.

He baptised Lorenzo, pointing out that he put Lorenzo all the way under the water. He immersed him. He said that’s how we should be in the Spirit … totally submerged.

The next thing we knew, the pastor had removed his shoes (he had already removed his suit coat) and jumped into the baptistry with Lorenzo. He preached the rest of his sermon from there. At one point, he even ducked under the water to make the point about being immersed in the Spirit. Everything was immersed, including the items in his pocket.

I’m sure those who were there Sunday won’t forget that sermon very soon. It’s not every day that one gets preached from the baptistry.

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