Frightening Figures

In the weekly newspaper which came yesterday there was an article about how falls are serious health risks. It included some frightening figures.

According to this article, one of three adults who are 65 or older will fall this year. Yikes! I’m in that number since I fell in the snow.

Seventy percent of accidental deaths of adults 75 and older are caused by falls. The leading cause of death from an injury is falls.

One of the most common and serious injury resulting from a fall is a broken hip. In persons over 70, more than 90 percent of hip fractures occur due to falls.

One out of two women will break a hip during their lifetime. One out of four men will break a hip. Falls also result in fractures to the pelvis, legs, wrists, forearms and feet.

These are truly frightening figures. It behooves all of us to watch where we step regardless of our age.

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