Whirling Life

Sorry I missed my regular post on Saturday. Life has been in a whirl, literally.

Friday night was the regular monthly travelogue at Wash U. This area had terrible thunderstorms that evening. Driving to and from the University was like driving through a car wash. I believe the official tally was 2 inches of rain that evening.

The program was on the Silk Road. We started in China and journeyed through various “Stans,” flew over Iraq and ended in Turkey. I did not find it as fascinating as one woman who said when leaving the first showing that this was the best program all season. It was okay but didn’t inspire a desire to make a similar journey of my own.

One funny thing … several times the photographer had set his camera and tripod up and then squatted down in front of it while he talked about what was behind him. In this instance, it was a temple to Zeus. Just as that came up on the screen, the thunder rolled. Most appropriate timing.

One reason I didn’t care for the program too much was the focus on mosques. After I’ve seen two or three, covered in lots of mosaic tiles, I’ve seen enough. I would have preferred to learn more about the people and markets which were shown.

When the program was over, I stood up to leave. I felt distinctly light-headed. It was strange but I managed to walk to the parking garage and drive home without any obvious problems. But Saturday morning I woke up with my head in a whirl. Vertigo has struck again. So Saturday was spent mostly asleep in bed — the sure safe place to be — and Sunday has been a little better. Fortunately, I had medication here to take and immediately got on it.

Now … on an altogether different topic, would you be interested in reading one woman’s account of life in Christchurch since the earthquakes hit? My friend there has written out her thoughts and given me permission to share them however I would choose. I could forward her email to you individually or I could post it to the blog. You let me know what you would like. I’ll wait a week to make a decision.

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