Feeling Like A Failure

After Bible study at church last night, a young woman asked me about learning to knit. She’s started a free class at a library. The teacher was advocating knitting Continental and the student was terribly confused.

I tried to show her the American way to knit. I explained as best I could but her small boy — about a year I guess — was crying. With my bronchitis ravaged voice, I couldn’t talk over him. Another woman was holding him but she wouldn’t move away so he was reaching for his mother. I think she was also distracted by her baby but she wasn’t really listening to me. I doubt she could really hear me over him.

So I felt like a failure. I love to knit. I once worked as a knitting instructor at Michael’s. Yet I couldn’t explain things clearly enough to be heard over the screaming baby so the mother could understand. I’ve taught enough people to knit that I know I could have made her understand IF she could have heard me and IF she had really listened to what I was explaining.

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One Response to Feeling Like A Failure

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Too many distractions, I think. On the rare cases when someone has to bring a baby to my classes (it happens; babysitters get sick or plans fall through), I know I feel like it’s more of a challenge to teach, because the parent’s attention is on their child. Would she have free time at another time – maybe when she could get a babysitter – to meet with you and have you show her?

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