A Day to Cook and Bake

Today I am preparing for the family birthday dinner. Originally, I had intended to host this at my house. However, my sister decided I’m too “decrepit” to do this so she asked my niece to host it … without saying a word to me. I learned of this from my niece. Because I’m a bit stubborn, I offered — and my niece accepted — my offer to bring dessert and a side dish.

So today finds me in the kitchen. So far I’ve made the side dish — “carrot jello” which is a favorite of my brother-in-law, one of the birthday honorees. It’s simple orange jello with grated carrots and crushed pineapple in it but, evidently, I’m the only one in the family who makes it although all of them eat it.

This is a family which loves chocolate so for dessert I’ve baked a flourless chocolate cake and I’m about to head back to the kitchen to make a chocolate pie. That should suit everyone.

Once the cooking chores are done, I’ll wrap the gift for my great-nephew, write the checks for my sister and her husband, pack up everything in the car and be ready to go.

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1 Response to A Day to Cook and Bake

  1. Chris says:

    Yum, carrot jello and chocolate anything!

    As to Cooper’s training. We have been using iNDy’s habit in trying to train Cooper. But he just seems to refuse to hit that bell! The little stinker. He will sit at the door and whine, we just have to catch that he is wanting out. Oh well, he will be trained eventually! Hope you are all recovered from your illness.

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