It’s A Conspiracy

I’m convinced there’s a conspiracy afoot to keep me from knitting on my sweater set. My sister gave me a kit for a twin set about two or three years ago for Christmas. I finally got around to starting it this year (2011) but do you think I can find time to knit on it? Not on your life!

I do get to knit on it at the knit group on Tuesdays. But I’ve missed several of those sessions due to this charming bronchitis which is so enamoured of me it refuses to leave. This week I think I managed to complete six rows on the back. Granted, that’s the widest piece but it is going to take a LONG time to complete the set at that rate.

I had an appointment to have my car serviced at the dealer’s. It was for one of those major services and I was told to expect it to be three hours. Good … I can get some knitting in on my sweater.

Nope, didn’t happen. For the first time since I’ve been taking my car to this dealer, I was given a rental car — at no charge to me! It was good not to have to wait for hours and hours on the car but there went my knitting time since I had work to do at home.

Yesterday I took the car to the place where my nephew works. I thought I needed to get new tires and figured I’d get in some knitting while the tires were put on the car. Didn’t happen. It was determined I didn’t need new tires just yet. My nephew told me to save my money.

I’m convinced there’s a conspiracy to keep me from working on my sweater. Wonder what year I’ll finally get to wear it.

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