Has the World Gone Sports Mad?

We have a local radio station which prides itself on being the sports voice of America. It has a very strong signal and can be heard in 44 of the states at night. But I think the management of that station has lost their senses.

In St. Louis there is a professional baseball, hockey, and football team. All those games are carried on this station. But so are the Mizzou basketball games. It seems there are very few hours of the day — except for the morning drive-time — that there isn’t some sports program on. If it isn’t a game, it’s a call-in talk show.

I am not a big sports fan at the best of time so I’m in search of something else to listen to. To make matters even more annoying, one of the baseball team players wasn’t able to complete negotiating a new contract … for 10 years and something like 300 million dollars! Come on, who needs to make that kind of money? I’m fed up with all of them.

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1 Response to Has the World Gone Sports Mad?

  1. ray says:

    I feel your pain. I listen to satellite radio. LOVE IT! http://www.siriusxm.com

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