Bronchitis Interrupts Blogging Schedule

This bout of bronchitis is playing havoc with my life! I cough and hack and sleep. I haven’t slept this much since I was a baby. Needless to say, this does not produce interesting blog posts.

In case anyone is interested, that new antibiotic was not successful for me. It comes in a suspension and I managed to get about half of it down when it decided it didn’t like the looks of its new home. Up it all came. Saturday the doctor who was on call at the Exchange prescribed the pills I usually take and I am gradually getting better. But it is taking a longer than normal time.

Didn’t make the Knitters’ Guild meeting on Saturday so I missed their program on finishing. I also missed the symphony concert Saturday night. However, I am able to exchange that ticket for a concert in April so I should be well enough to attend.

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1 Response to Bronchitis Interrupts Blogging Schedule

  1. Mary Ann Powell says:

    So sorry to hear you have bronchitis. I, too, have been enduring a deep, hacking cough for the last 3 days – haven’t gone to the doctor (yet), so don’t know if it is bronchitis or not. I keep thinking that he can’t do anything for it anyway. I don’t have too much confidence in doctors these days. Hope you are on top again really soon.

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