Coff, Coff, Hack, Hack

It started Wednesday. I was coughing and coughing. Couldn’t bring anything up but it sure hurt. It felt like I was trying to rip out my bronchial tubes.

Yes, I feared this was the dreaded bronchitis that I seem to get every year. Thursday was spent mostly asleep but my throat kept getting sorer and the coughing continued.

So yesterday I called my doctor. I really only wanted a prescription for the drug that usually cures me of this crud. However, she wanted to see me. So off I trundled to the doctor’s office.

While I was at the doctor’s, I saw a member from my exercise class. I haven’t been in class for weeks now given the bitter cold and ice and snow. She said she’s missed a lot of sessions too. In fact, the last time she was there, the teacher didn’t make it and only four class members showed up. Made me feel less guilty about missing all those classes.

The doctor gave me a prescription for a new antibiotic. She had a coupon so I would get it free. The pharmacy I use was out of it but would have more on Monday. I said I didn’t want to feel this bad until Monday so I tried another pharmacy. They had it so we’ll see how effective it is. I hope it does the trick.

I have a ticket to the symphony tonight but I’m going to call the ticket office and see if they’ll exchange it for a concert some time in March. If they won’t, I guess I’ll just make a donation to the orchestra of the price of my ticket.  No one will want to hear me cough, especially if I can’t do it in the proper rhythm.

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