Time to Stop Celebrating

As I mentioned the other day, Saturday was my birthday. I started celebrating on Friday night with my mini-vacation to Tuscany.

Saturday’s celebration started in the morning when I slipped and fell in the snow in the gutter while trying to retrieve my trash cans. My neighbors came galloping across the yard and down my drive like the rescuing cavalry. They hauled me to my feet, took my trash cans to the garage and cleaned off the driveway again.

That night my sister had the family over to her house to celebrate my birthday with a family dinner. She and her husband gave me a tabletop swift he had made for my gift.

Sunday two friends took me to a favorite restaurant for lunch after church. We had a delicious meal — the restaurant is known for its fried chicken so that’s what I had — and we all had chicken to bring home. So I get a second meal, thanks to my friends taking me there.

Tonight I went to Captain D’s and collected my free meal from them. It was not as good as when I order from the senior’s menu. The tilapia tasted “muddy” for some reason. I was hungry and ate it anyway.

So that wraps up my birthday celebrations for this year. I’ll sit down and re-read the number of birthday cards I received as a quiet reminder of friends who did not forget my day even if they live far away.

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1 Response to Time to Stop Celebrating

  1. Mary Ann Powell says:

    What is a tabletop swift?

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